Saturday, May 22, 2010

Follow Up Review of Writing for

In January, 2010, I started to enhance my portfolio by writing for, a new company by AOL.  My previous evaluation of writing for has not changed a whole lot.  However, the biggest change since then is that I have had a few pieces of writing accepted by Seed!  One of the tricks that I try to use when writing for Seed is to pick a topic that has a deadline that is coming up soon.  Of course, not every topic can be written this way, but there are a lot of assignments that do not take a lot of time.  The downfall to this is that the writers do not know how many people they are submitting writing against, maybe one or 100. 

There was one pro that I listed in my first evaluation of writing for Seed.  This was that they had fast editor turnaround.  Actually, it isn't that Seed has a fast turnaround on accepting or denying assignments, but rather that it is more accurately based on when the writing assignment was turned in relative to their deadline.

Some simple guidelines for writing for Seed:

  • Write succinct.  Extra verbiage is not necessary.  Follow the word count rules.  
  • Remember that you are writing against others whenever you submit writing to Seed.
  • Seed has a very limited number of assignments available.  They have both writing and photography assignments, but still both lists of assignments are short.
  • Try writing one of the tips for travel for Gadling.  Make sure to read the expectations and check the site for its current information.
  • Use rejected articles on other sites like Info Barrel.  
Writing for Seed is not a full time option for me.  I don't know how many people actively write for Seed, but there are just not enough assignments for me.  The lack of assignments plus the long waits for acceptance make Seed low on my list.  I do like the upfront payment.   Seed is a great place to sign up for and check once per week for new writing assignments.