Friday, October 15, 2010

Earn Money and Get Backlinks with InfoPirate

Get Backlinks and Earn Money at InfoPirate

I recently started using a bookmarking site called InfoPirate.  On InfoPirate we are allowed to use our own Google Adsense ID # to share in their revenue from our bookmarks and blogs.  There is a blog platform there that they want people to post to every now and then to increase the site's worth and so forth.  Although I don't think it's a strict requirement of joining it is nice to do something to help the company that enables you to earn money and get backlinks.  InfoPirate is an 80% revenue share with its members.  Just for bookmarks.

Since starting to use InfoPirate I have noticed a few things:
  1. Increased income.  I have already earned money on InfoPirate, but have only submitted a very small number of bookmarks.  I have earned over $5 in the 2 weeks that I've been at InfoPirate.
  2. Increased traffic.  Submitting the bookmarks to InfoPirate has allowed me to get backlinks to my articles on InfoBarrel, Hubpages, and a few other places.  I've only submitted articles that I could pay special attention to in order to see if InfoPirate made a difference.  I think it does help increase traffic.
  3. Increased earnings on articles.  I submitted a couple of old InfoBarrel articles to Infopirate to see if it would help bring traffic to them.  With a day after submitting an article to InfoPirate, I had earned.  Overall, my earnings on all of my residual income writing is increasing. Over the past three months, I have doubled then tripled my InfoBarrel earnings.  My September earnings rose by 211% over August.  Infopirate is going to help make earn money, get backlinks, and make October my best month writing so far.
Those are the three main positive points that I've experienced from joining up at InfoPirate.  I did it on the recommendation of a few other trusted writers and it has paid off so far.  I also wanted to build some backlinks to my InfoBarrel articles. When you bookmark an article on InfoPirate you get dofollow backlinks.  Being able to earn money and get dofollow backlinks is very good and can help increase the page rank of your articles, website, or blog.

If you are trying to earn money then InfoPirate is a great place to do it.  I think it is a reasonable part of an residual income earning plan that includes writing online.  I hope you join.  Let me know in the comments what you think about Infopirate and whether you join.  I'll be curious if you're earning.  It took me a couple of days to start to earn money at InfoPirate, but it did happen and much quicker than expected.
Give it a try.  Join InfoPirate! Start Earning. Today!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Make Money with Google by Writing Online at InfoBarrel

Make Money Writing Online

Working at home.  For many it's a dream and for some others it is reality.  If you are looking for a way to supplement your income because of unemployment, disability, stay at home mom or dad, or any other number of things, try online content writing.  The most legit work at home job I found is writing online content for my own website and revenue share sites that enable me to earn money through the internet giant, Google.  (If you know about Google Adsense and want to know about InfoBarrel skip to the bottom.)

Google runs an online advertising program that anonymously matches publishers and advertisers, Google Adsense. Simply put, a business like Home Depot signs up with Google.  Home Depot pays Google to show their ads around the internet.  The opportunity for earning online comes in because Google and Home Depot want as many places as possible to show relevant ads to customers. Google Adsense facilitates the advertising and publishing process of the ads.  

By signing up for Google Adsense you can make money on the ads on your blog.  Ads will be served to your blog based on its content and you can earn a piece of the billion dollar online advertising business.  The blog or online content must follow Google's strict publishing content policy.  There are many businesses who use this and it's one of the most ingenious programs out there because it allows the non-tech blogger to make some extra money.  If you are serious about making money then you can sign up for websites that want to publish online content.  These are called revenue share sites.

How Revenue Share Sites Make Money with Google

Writing online is one of the easiest ways to make money using Google.  It takes a lot of work, but once you learn all the strategies it is possible to generate a great income.  If you have blogging experience or you know website building then you can create a website in your own niche.  Marketing your website and online content is a lot easier if you choose a niche with smaller competition.  For an excellent web host try iPage, a site with the best customer service and many options from building an online store, writing and much more.

Revenue share sites are the other choice for those who want to make money with Google.  Writing online at a revenue share site means that you provide content (keeping the copyright in most cases, but read the terms), and in return the revenue share site will split the ad revenue with you. Sites vary with the split and it can be anything from 50% and up.

The Best Revenue Share Site:  InfoBarrel

For the best long term earning opportunity with transparency, check out  Less than two years old it is quickly climbing the ranks and standing out because of its commitment to members and quality information. Writing online to make money through Google is like making a financial investment. InfoBarrel shares 75% and you can earn up to 90%.  It is important to realize that writing online is not a get rich quick type of gig. Many freelance writers try their hand at making money with Google by writing online at InfoBarrel or similar sites only to be disappointed because the money is not flowing in.  There are skills and things that you need to learn in order to earn money and be really successful.

Revenue share is not up front pay.  Some freelance writers balk at the idea of writing something for free, but the overall potential of earning money through passive income or residual income opportunities, like writing online, is huge.  It is repeat earnings over time.  If you join InfoBarrel and write an article that earns you $1 per day then you can earn that $1 per day for years.  The more articles you write the more potential earnings.  There are writers who make anywhere from 0 to over 20,000 month.  Content writers need to learn their craft and they can make money with Google by writing online content at Info Barrel, personal sites, and others, for a long time. The idea of residual income is that it comes in over time instead of taking a low one time payment. This enables you to earn more on one article that anyone would ever pay you.  The difference is when you get payment.

Online Writing Skills:  Search Engine Optimization

The difference between writing online and making money with Google by writing online is learning how to write for the internet.  There are special techniques that you need to learn to make money writing.  If you are new, or if you are writing now without success, then you have to learn more about search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research skills.  Writing an article that is optimized for the internet is a bit different than just writing a regular article, but it's really not that much different.  As with anything there are some specific things that you should apply to give it a chance to earn money.

Anyone who like to write or wants to earn extra money can sign up with Google Adsense, sign up at InfoBarrel or any of the other revenue share sites, and start writing.  It probably seems overwhelming at first, but over time it becomes second nature.  InfoBarrel is a helpful writing community so if you sign up with them make sure to check out the forums.  There is a lot of good information about how to make online money in those forum threads, so taking some time to read through those, or the ones on Hubpages or eHow can also help you get an idea of what writing online content means.

Writing online is not a fast income strategy.  If you need money now then this is probably not something that will work, but it is something that you can build up and it does pay out over time.  It's just like building a house.  You cannot wish for the house and then it's complete and decorated.  It takes laying the foundation, blueprints, and hard work, but the final product feels pretty darn good. Money making at InfoBarrel will get better over time as the website grows.  They have already grown tremendously since I've been writing there.   Of all the sites like this, InfoBarrel has the best layout, admin, active forum group, revenue share (75% to 90% with InfoBarrel contest participation), plus other tools to help you succeed.  It is still a relatively new company so the earnings potentially will grow with them.

Online Writing Article Income Example

If you are on the fence about writing online to earn extra money then let me leave you with an example that can show you that it is possible to earn residual income over time and make money writing online using Google. One article from a content site has been viewed over 30,000 times and earned several hundred dollars.  Another article has earned over $300 itself with less than half the views.  There are many keyword optimization strategies and other things to learn to become successful.  If you give yourself the permission to learn how to make money with Google by writing online, with all its learning curves, then you will be satisfied once you start to see earnings coming in.  The best thing about writing online for extra income is that eventually you start making money in your sleep.  Literally.  Every morning, I wake up to earnings. The example articles were written in 2009, but they still earn me money almost every day. 

{edit:  12/20/2010 -- Over the past several months my earnings have been growing exponentially.  Check out my article about seeking internet wealth to see that earnings are possible.}

Making money online can become a full source of income after you learn the steps to grow your library successfully.  It's is a life changing step to start writing online.  The extra income you make can make the difference between unpaid bills and a little bit of comfort.  After learning steps to write you can also earn money becoming an Amazon Affiliate, a program that offers commissions for selling products through them. There are all sorts of cool things to learn and with the rise in social media and social networking capabilities there is no telling how far you can go, especially if you already have an audience.  The sky is the limit.  Writing online content is fun, and also a slow and often tedious process, but if you follow the guide of some of those successes then you will also be an at home writer making money.

What are you waiting for?
Get started writing online at InfoBarrel and sign up here.

Leave a comment if you have questions.  Good luck!