Friday, October 15, 2010

Earn Money and Get Backlinks with InfoPirate

Get Backlinks and Earn Money at InfoPirate

I recently started using a bookmarking site called InfoPirate.  On InfoPirate we are allowed to use our own Google Adsense ID # to share in their revenue from our bookmarks and blogs.  There is a blog platform there that they want people to post to every now and then to increase the site's worth and so forth.  Although I don't think it's a strict requirement of joining it is nice to do something to help the company that enables you to earn money and get backlinks.  InfoPirate is an 80% revenue share with its members.  Just for bookmarks.

Since starting to use InfoPirate I have noticed a few things:
  1. Increased income.  I have already earned money on InfoPirate, but have only submitted a very small number of bookmarks.  I have earned over $5 in the 2 weeks that I've been at InfoPirate.
  2. Increased traffic.  Submitting the bookmarks to InfoPirate has allowed me to get backlinks to my articles on InfoBarrel, Hubpages, and a few other places.  I've only submitted articles that I could pay special attention to in order to see if InfoPirate made a difference.  I think it does help increase traffic.
  3. Increased earnings on articles.  I submitted a couple of old InfoBarrel articles to Infopirate to see if it would help bring traffic to them.  With a day after submitting an article to InfoPirate, I had earned.  Overall, my earnings on all of my residual income writing is increasing. Over the past three months, I have doubled then tripled my InfoBarrel earnings.  My September earnings rose by 211% over August.  Infopirate is going to help make earn money, get backlinks, and make October my best month writing so far.
Those are the three main positive points that I've experienced from joining up at InfoPirate.  I did it on the recommendation of a few other trusted writers and it has paid off so far.  I also wanted to build some backlinks to my InfoBarrel articles. When you bookmark an article on InfoPirate you get dofollow backlinks.  Being able to earn money and get dofollow backlinks is very good and can help increase the page rank of your articles, website, or blog.

If you are trying to earn money then InfoPirate is a great place to do it.  I think it is a reasonable part of an residual income earning plan that includes writing online.  I hope you join.  Let me know in the comments what you think about Infopirate and whether you join.  I'll be curious if you're earning.  It took me a couple of days to start to earn money at InfoPirate, but it did happen and much quicker than expected.
Give it a try.  Join InfoPirate! Start Earning. Today!