Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Get Cheap Website Hosting and Domain for a Residual Income Writing Site

Get Awesome Cheap Web Hosting

A lot of people want to make their own website to make money online.  If you have never built your own website then it can get overwhelming, so choosing a company with good customer service is important. Cheap website hosting and free domain name registration is also important. I write for revenue share sites and maintain my own website that is hosted with iPage. An affordable web hosting company like iPage, an award winner for excellent customer service, helps make the process easier.

My first website was frustrating and I paid too much. I didn't know anything about building a website when I bought the domain and web hosting plan, and as a result, I paid too much and ended up using a company that fell short on customer service. Now I use iPage, a website hosting company that is quick to respond to my questions and cost less than any other web hosting company, including Go Daddy. When I made a mistake with my FTP files and locked myself out of my own website, I contacted iPage through their online customer service. The iPage online customer service rep worked with me via the internet for over an hour until he fixed the problem I'd created -- free.

Along with affordable web hosting, iPage offers several ways to build the website, so you can code it from scratch, upload a Wordpress theme or use their other website building options, including a Weebly drag and drop website building function. Another great feature is the website usage statistics that provides you with analytical data of your website.  Even though you can use something like Google Analytics, the data provided by the web host is very revealing.  The words "cheap website hosting" might conjure up the idea of "getting what you pay for" for some people, but iPage delivers.

Revenue share site writers working for residual income do not have to deal with the hosting, site building, and the bugs and glitches that go along with maintaining a website. Buying a website is a personal choice.  There are also free blogging platforms that allow monetization. Website building is a task that needs time dedication. However, once you learn how to build a website yourself then you gain insights that help with earning residual income. The main reasons people buy their own website is for control over content, design, backlinks and reaping 100% of the revenue. Monetizing a website exactly how you want is a better option for some people who use the internet to earn residual income. Quality website content should always remain the #1 goal of anyone who is earning residual income from writing online.

Cheap Website Hosting and Free Domain

Starting a website as cheaply as possible is what I needed so iPage worked. The web host cost at iPage is  $4.50/month and comes with a free domain name.  Website hosting companies are tricky so read the fine print. Most website hosting companies offer great deals to get you started, but when it comes time for renewal that's when the domain and website hosting fees increase.

Since iPage constantly works on creating new feature for their customers you get access to a lot of other perks once you sign up for iPage website hosting. Google webmaster tools are integrated into the iPage control panel and there are ways for the novice to the expert to build a site.   because of their customer service and all of the different methods of website building.  I recommended iPage for website hosting because of their customer service. The iPage customer service is quick and they work with you until you understand the problem or until it is fixed.  For those who want an online store, iPage has one a free online store that comes with the price of website hosting.

When the times comes then you know where to go for cheap website hosting.  Using your own site complements your work at revenue share sites.  Whether you're ready to sign up today or you want to keep iPage in mind for future reference, just don't forget about them.



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