Monday, June 14, 2010

Make Money Writing for InfoBarrel: A Positive Review

InfoBarrel is a site where freelance writers can put up content.  You don't have to be a professional writer.  There are some people making around $100 or more per month, but it's not necessarily the average. was one of the leading residual income sites, but they closed their Writer's Compensation Program, so many writers are looking for other places to put up content and earn money.  By writing for InfoBarrel you can make money on articles ranging from how to, reviews, videos, and general information.  If you want to make money writing for InfoBarrel you will need some patience because it is not an immediate money maker.  However, if you are willing to invest your time into a project that is going to pay off again and again for as long as the website is live then InfoBarrel is the place to write.

To make money writing for InfoBarrel you will need to write a lot of articles.  InfoBarrel utilizes Adsense, Chitika, and Amazon as methods of monetizing.  Your ads will show with your Adsense ID 75% of the time.  InfoBarrel's Adsense ID will show the rest of the time.  You will have to sign up for Google Adsense if you want to make money writing for InfoBarrel.  It's a simple process.  Make sure you put in accurate contact information so your payments don't get held up.  In order to make money writing articles for InfoBarrel you will need to make your writing stand out somehow.  One way to do this is to avoid grammar and obvious spelling errors.  For exampe, a very common mistake is the word "a lot".  It is never, under any circumstances, spelled "alot" and when you make simple mistakes like this it does diminish your perceived knowledge about the topic. 

The best way to start making money writing for InfoBarrel is to get writing.  If you are new at this then know that you are going to need patience.  I have been writing at InfoBarrel for several months now, but have still not cleared $100 with them.  But, I am seeing an increase in money each month.  Writing for InfoBarrel is advantageous.  You are allowed to place links to other articles (limit of two) within your articles, so if you have a website or blog or other articles you can provide backlinks to them and vice versa.  InfoBarrel is not a scam and the environment is very positive and helpful.  They have a friendly forum and the staff is very responsive to questions, concerns, and inquiries. 

If you have never written online content before then writing online for InfoBarrel might seem intimidating at first.  When I started at eHow, I didn't really know much more than writing is my passion and this was a way of sharing it.  To make money at InfoBarrel you will need to have some knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO).  For a brief overview of writing quality content you can click those underlined words.  It's a little bit about SEO and what to do. 

Make sure to utilize all that InfoBarrel has to offer.  Sign up for all the ways to monetize your articles.  You should also put up some kind of bio with a link to your website or blog if you want.  InfoBarrel lets you put a signature on your articles.  You can have more than one signature.  The best advice to make money writing for InfoBarrel is to go slow and steady.  Learn from the articles that make money and use your Analytics information to write better or more. 

You can sign up for InfoBarrel by following this link:  Sign up for InfoBarrel here. If you sign up to make money writing for InfoBarrel through my referral link then I will be as much help as I can.  You can contact me through the comment section if you have any questions. 

Good luck and happy writing!


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