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How to Link Google Adsense to Google Analytics

What is the Difference Between Google Analytics and Google Adsense?

Google Analytics and Google Adsense are two programs used to make money online and track earnings and other stats.  Google Adsense is a pay per click internet advertising program.  Advertisers pay Adsense to display their ads on websites.  An Adsense publisher can make money displaying the ads on their website or blog.  Adsense is free for publishers.  Google Adsense account numbers are called a Publisher ID and begin with "pub-". 

Google Analytics analyzes website traffic.  Google Analytics provides stats like keywords, time people spend on the site, bounce rate, referring traffic, and a lot of other information.  Google Analytics account numbers start with "UA-".

Why Should I Link Google Adsense to Analytics?

Google Analytics will show you all of the keywords that people used to find your articles or website.  Google Analytics uncovers important statistical information about your articles with the exception of earnings stats.  The only way to discover Google Adsense earnings stats is by linking Google Adsense to your Analytics account. 

Linking Google Adsense to Google Analytics uncovers a gold mine of information that you can use to optimize your articles and increase your overall online earnings.  If you are serious about making money online then linking Google Adsense to Google Analytics is essential.  Adsense only shows Adsense ad impressions, ad clicks, ad click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), and the ad revenue per thousand impression (RPM).  After linking Adsense to Analytics the available stats are much more informative and include Adsense revenue, Adsense ads clicked, Adsense page impressions, highest and lowest earning articles, keywords used to find the articles, keywords that made money, click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), top referrals, cost per million (eCPM), total Adsense earnings, and more.

If I want to know how much money I've made for the day I check Google Adsense, but when I want to know HOW I am made that money I check my Adsense-linked Google Analytics.

How to Link Google Adsense to Google Analytics

Linking Google Adsense to an Analytics account starts with making a new profile in Google Analytics.  Every website you track with GA must have its own profile. 

Google updated the Analytics interface, so some of the steps

  • Log in to Google Analytics. 
  • Click "add a new profile" from the Google Analytics Overview page. 
  • Follow the instructions on the "create new website profile" page.
How to Make a New Website Profile in Google Analytics

From the Google Analytics Overview page:

  • Click "edit Adsense linking settings"
  • Choose all of the profiles you want linked, click continue.
  • Choose InfoBarrel as your primary account*, if you can.
  • If another site is the primary account, that's fine, just continue through the steps to link Adsense.
  • Linking Adsense to Analytics creates a short script.  InfoBarrel automatically adds the right script, so you don't have to edit any HTML. (If you have your own blog or website, you will need to add the script to your website code or use a plugin).

The new Analytics code tells the site to start tracking Adsense and display it in Analytics. As long as you've made a new profile for the website in Google Analytics and added the correct account number on InfoBarrel then you don't have to worry about changing any actual code.  Once you start your own website then you get to learn how to add Analytics code to HTML.

How to Add the Google Analytics Number to InfoBarrel

InfoBarrel is a revenue share website that splits 75% of Google Adsense ad impressions.  Pre-approved InfoBarrel members can use Google Analytics to track article stats.  To add Analytics to InfoBarrel follow the steps below.
  • Log in to InfoBarrel, go to "my account", "advertising profile", and add your Google Analytics account number. 
  • Make sure you add the new Analytics number that has a profile number, UA000000-1, not the generic Analytics number.
  • Once the accounts are linked and you've added the right number to InfoBarrel, go to the "content" tab to see Adsense stats.  

Troubleshooting - Analytics Wont Show Adsense

The most frequent mistake people make is adding their general Google Analytics account number.  Do not forget to make a new profile first.  Once you make the profile, you have to add or change the account number on InfoBarrel.  If linking Adsense to Analytics didn't work, repeat the process to make sure you didn't miss a step.

Wait at least 24 hours after you link your Adsense and Analytics accounts.  You may start receiving data right away, but sometimes it takes a day or so.  Change the date on the Analytics calendar to today's date.  Once you get a page view then you should know whether the linking worked.

Writers who want to earn money and improve article performance need to dig into their Google Analytics stats.  Google Analytics has a lot of settings.  Dig around in the Analytics data to discover important stats and uncover converting keywords.  Google Analytics is a great place to research keywords.

 I definitely recommend using Analytics, linking Adsense, and taking advantage of the stats.  You can use the information to optimize your articles and make more money.  Leave a comment or look for jpwriter on InfoBarrel if you have questions.

*You should not have to make InfoBarrel, Hubpages, or Seekyt as the primary account because they have the code already set up for users.  Some revenue share sites offer Analytics, but they do not have the script written correctly.

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SusanG said...

Thanks for the information I was wondering how to do this. Need to set it up for Seekyt.

iago urena said...

Hi, I am new to and I have set up a Adsense account and have entered it in the; Add your Google Adsense Publisher ID. Now, my problem is I don't think I am tracking anything from my articles yet because I have not set up a basic URL channel. I tried like 3 times but nothing shows up. I don't think I can put in a put a Google Analytics/Adsense linked account yet on my account. But how can I track what I've earned from my first article?

jp said...
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jp said...


First, welcome to InfoBarrel!

New users can use Google Analytics after writing 10 articles.

However, you're right, you can use URL channels in Adsense to track your progress. You can set up 200 URL channels. When I started I added a new one for each article to track it.

Follow these steps to add a URL channel:

1. Go to Google Adsense. Log in to
2. Click on Adsense Setup.
3. Click the word "Channels" from the sub-menu.
4. Look for the link/words "URL Channels" (next to custom channels)
5. Click URL Channels. Do NOT click the "ad new custom channels" because that is for ads, not sites.
6. Click "add new URL Channels"
7. In the blank box that pops up add your URLs that you want to track. Make sure to leave off the "www" part of the URL and just put and that will track all of your articles together.
If I were you I'd add a new URL Channel for each article you write so you can see how they are doing, what they're earning, and views.

I hope that helps you add the channels.

jp said...

@Susan G

Hey! Yeah, definitely add this to Seekyt. The admin just fixed the Analytics code so now the Adsense data will show up there, too.

He didn't realize it wasn't showing Adsense. But, as of today if you follow the directions, but substitute Seekyt for InfoBarrel then you'll be able to see all of the useful Analytics info including Adsense.

Take care!

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