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How to Make Money Writing for Info Barrel -- Earnings Explained

Make Money Writing for Info Barrel

Info Barrel is a content site started in 2008.  With all of sites popping up lately, I think that writing for Info Barrel has the most potential to make money. The Info Barrel earnings platform is an Adsense profit revenue share.  When you sign up for Google Adsense they assign you a number.  You make money writing for Info Barrel because they show your Adsense ID number 75% of the time.  Most writers are confused when they first sign up because Info Barrel advertises that you can make money writing by earning 75%.  Myself and others think that there is a 75/25 revenue share split so that we are always earning on every ad click.  Instead it just rotates.  You do make money writing for Info Barrel and that way of splitting earnings is common.  The only exception is that InfoBarrel actually pays more than most other sites. 

If you're a skeptic on the earnings rotation then you can check it to make sure that your Adsense ID is showing up on the ads.  I learned this trick on the Info Barrel forum.  On one of your Info Barrel articles right right click on the ad.  Make sure you do not click the ad on accident.  Right click then click view source on the window that comes up.  Look for your Adsense number.  Refresh the browser a couple of times then you'll see that the Adsense ID # changes.  You make money writing for Info Barrel when someone clicks on an ad when your ID# is up.  When it's not then Info Barrel earns.

Earn Money Writing

Info Barrel does not have the search engine power like some of the other content websites.  Yet.  Because of this it is really important that you learn to write quality content involving strategies such as keyword research and search engine optimization.  As with most sites you should write a lot of content before assessing the website's worth.  If you are branching out your writing portfolio from a site like eHow, you will quickly see that the earnings algorithm of Info Barrel is very straightforward whereas eHow's is muddled with, well, algorithms.  As explained above you potentially earn 3/4 of the time your articles are shown.  You earn all of the money when someone clicks on your ad.  This makes writing for expensive keywords appealing to some writers. 

To make more money writing for Info Barrel join in the monthly fun and write for the contests.  Every month that I have written there has been a contest.  During this time they announce a writing theme for the month.  If you write articles that fit their contest criteria (theme based and over 500 words) you can increase earnings.  For January, I wrote a few articles and this month instead of the 75%, my Adsense ID is now showing up 83% of the time.  You can earn up to 90% of the time.  As with almost all of the content sites the way that people make money is through a reliance on ad clicks.  The Google Adsense program is one of the biggest things that enables us to earn money writing online.

Info Barrel also gives you the chance to earn money using Chitika. Chitika is another ad based website similar to Adsense.  They target words a little different and I notice that sometimes when my ads do not match up from Adsense they do with Chitika.  My thought on this is that so many people use Google that it is ultra competitive, but not as many people use Chitika.  This allows them to deliver better targeted ads which means a higher click through rate (CTR).  Of course, a higher CTR means more earnings potential for you.  I strongly suggest you sign up for Chitika.  When you are prompted to enter a website use the Info Barrel URL.  Adsense income will likely earn you more money than Chitika however it is better to have more than one stream of income on your articles.

In closing, I believe that you can make money writing for Info Barrel.  It is a good ground floor website to join. The staff is friendly and they maintain good quality control on the site.  If you ever see a problem with an article you can email the staff and they will fix it.  Get signed up at Info Barrel and start making money writing.

**If you sign up through my affiliate link I will do my best to answer questions and help you so you can start earning money on InfoBarrel.  Just sign up, leave me a comment here, start writing articles, and comment if you have questions.  The forum is great, too.


I Heart KC said...

This is helpful information on InfoBarrel, JP. I need to write more there.

PLR Articles said...

I have been hearing quite a bit about InfoBarrel lately. I actually signed up a while ago and then promptly forgot about it. Since I have been looking ways to increase my residual income, I am finally giving InfoBarrel a try. I will see how it goes.

Info barrel Blog said...

Excellent article regarding InfoBarrel. I was just wondering are you still writing for the site.
I'm finding that by adding articles each month my income is growing fast.

Good Info

Gina said...

Thanks. This is the most comprehensive explanation of Info Barrel's earning potential I've seen to date. Really good. I'm inspired more to write.

jp said...

@Gina - Thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback and am glad that the info was helpful.

@InfoBarrel Blog - Yep, I sure do. I think that IB is a rare goldmine, but it is a slow payout for me. However, I do believe that putting in the effort now is going to pay off. The layout of your blog is great. Maybe we can swap guest spots someday...?

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