Saturday, January 2, 2010

Can You Really Make Money Writing Online?

You bet!  Okay, I used to think that all of these work at home and write online sites were just a bunch of b.s., but then I started writing for eHow.  Now, I don't claim that they are the best residual income site around.  I didn't even know what the heck "residual income" meant until I started writing online. There is so much to learn when you write online.  That is if you want to learn all the ins and outs of creating good, quality online content.

In case you don't know either, residual income is defined as "royalty income that accrues to the owner of an intellectual property, such as art, books, lyrics, music, patents, etc." This includes freelance writing.  When you are a freelance writer you make residual income, so writing articles that pay nothing upfront but have the potential to earn money in the future is the basis of being a residual income writer.
The first year I started writing online I made less than $300. Most of that money was made from a lucky article about going to President Obama's inauguration.  Overnight, I had a hit article that pulled in 40,000 views.  I actually thought that the system was broken.  Sometimes, you can hit a hot topic. I had no clue that I discovered a great topic, but instead had been watching the evening news and thought some people might want to know.  Sadly, in the great eHow sweeps, I lost my highest viewed article.  While it was a historical article, it was also outdated. 

In 2009 I made a lot more. Writing online content is not going to make you rich.  But, it will pay some bills.  Or you can invest it or use it as savings.  One mistake that I see a lot of people make is to become dependent on this income. If there is one certainty in writing online it is that nothing is certain.  Yeah, I hate sayings like that, too.  But, I have found it to be true.  Although I can average what I make each month and have a rough expectation that I will at least make that much next month anything can happen.  If you can write with the attitude that the money you make writing online will add to your overall income then you will be able to write with a better sense of freedom.

Start writing!  You will soon get addicted.  It's kind of crazy. 



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