Monday, April 5, 2010

eHow Stops the Writer's Compensation Program

Look out freelance writers, eHow is at it again. eHow announced today that it is stopping the Writer's Compensation Program or WCP, the part of eHow that enabled people to become freelance writers by earning residual income on how to articles. Now, what has been a long-standing argument within the eHow community -- whether or not eHow would stop the Writer's Compensation Program -- is over. I hope that somebody won.

For the past month, I have been sick and had surgery. Being out of commission is not recommended when you are writing online content and tracking the goings on of internet companies. For many, eHow was a steady stream of income and a semi-guaranteed writing gig that just folded. eHow writers are cancelling launches of updated eBook editions and many are probably scrambling to understand just what no WCP means for them.

Now that eHow has cancelled the Writer's Compensation Program, the only way to publish on eHow is through Demand Studios (DS). Demand Studios is eHow's parent company who also publishes on a variety of websites. The catch is that not everyone gets to make this transition. The amazing thing about eHow's WCP is that literally anyone could write and there was no editing process. It looks like some eHow members will be pre-approved to transfer to DS, but others will have to go through their application process. As for me, I have no idea because I still have not received an email that all of this is happening. I have not been able to get email from eHow for some time, but I also cannot edit my profile to update to a new email. Those of us waiting are supposed to receive a message on eHow's PM system.

Perhaps now every eHow writer will cease being a lousy "member" are start being a writer. That would be pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I was excepted to the demand studio writing. I did not accept it. First they want to tell you the different article you can write. Second, they will pay you one set price for the article and then they will own it completely. I wrote and posted my own pictures on the eHow WCP. During this change over they are offering the "going rate" for articles. They will own the articles and pictures. You do not get residual monies. I personally took my articles down, and don't want to write that way because I feel they are taking advantage of people. Thanks, and good luck to you...urbanchristmas

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