Sunday, January 24, 2010

Create Back Links and Adsense Income Using

Freelance writers need to be concerned with optimizing their articles.  While we focus a lot of attention on using good search engine optimization, it is also important to get links to your articles and blogs.  I read that Google will favor content that has an .edu extension linking to it.  Apparently, if someone in education thinks your content is worth reading then Google does, too.  But, we can't all get back links from an .edu extension.

I just discovered a new website and earning opportunity several days ago:  If you have an Adsense account then you can make money by posting content on their site.  You retain copyright.  By using SheToldMe you can create back links and earn income on your content and articles.  SheToldMe calls their articles or submissions "scoops". The goal of posting to the site is not only to generate Adsense income, but to create back links to your writing and increase your exposure.  Like Digg, you can vote an article up or down all the way to the front page and you can leave comments on other people's content.  A perk is that your article will show up as a related link on many articles if the keywords are similar.  You can make 100% of the ad revenue on this site if you sign up for an Adsense account.  However, it is not necessary to have Adsense to sign up.

Positive points of using SheToldMe:
  • create back links to your website, blog, or individual articles
  • earn 100% Adsense income
  • earn income using Chitika (sign up here if you don't have it)
  • community of bloggers and writers = more potential exposure for your writing
  • lists your website on each "scoop" submitted
  • increased my presence in Google
  • can post just for back links if you don't have Adsense
  • multiple ways of exposing articles

Here is a tip when you sign up for SheToldMe.  Make sure to fill in the section that asks you why you are signing up -- the motivation section.  You will be rejected if you do not fill this out.  My first application was rejected because I skipped that section on oversight.  Whether you want to create back links or Adsense income using SheToldMe, it can't hurt your writing to have another place to post.  Spreading out your writing will increase your readership. 

You can set up an individual channel in Adsense to track the views and earnings.  You should also use Chitika as an additional form of ad revenue.  It also shows ads on a website or blog and can be used with Adsense.  Using both Chitika and Adsense increase your chances of making more residual income. 

Overall I recommend using this website.  I expect that it will be another source of residual income in the days and years to come.  Good luck! 


Anonymous said...

it may do any harm to sign up and post links with shetoldme, but it won't do much good either. a few major issues:
*the site's layout is very user unfriendly, almost tacky looking, hence the low traffic numbers. i would venture to guess that the only people who visite the site are those who are posting links
*your link will only be seen if you make it to the front page, and the only way to get to the front page is to get lots of votes. the search function does not work very well on the site.
so basically, your links will probably never be seen by anyone but you unless you invest(waste) huge amount of time there.

i've heard from google adsense gurus that if you have your ad code on low quality sites, your cut of the revenue may be cut across the board. so it pays to be choosy when participating in adsense rev share sites. after i deleted my shetoldme account and disabled my adsense code on there, i noticed a slight increase in my adsense revenue. make of it what you will.

JP said...

@Anonymous - Thanks for the comment. I agree that the layout of the site needs some cleaning up. It seems to be a relatively new site. Looking it up on whois the registration is 2009. I did do a PR check and it has a PR of 5 whereas Info Barrel only has a 4. I write at IB also.

I was able to link a few things and hit the first page of Google. Getting the first page on the site though probably proves a little harder.

I'd be curious though to learn more about how Google ranks different things and how they can penalize folks. Ah. More reading!

I think the bonus of this site is that you can use it with or without your Adsense, so if using your Adsense account is a concern then disabling it is probably a good solution.

Time will tell and I'll update if it turns out not to be a solid investment. Thanks again.

Lindsay said...

This is a new one that I hadn't heard of. For building links, I generally just stick with submitting to article directories (ezinearticles, articlesbase, etc.) since they allow anyone and everyone to syndicate your stuff. More than once, I've had articles picked up by the major online newspapers, which is great because suddenly you've got dozens of links coming in from reputable sites.

Good luck with shetoldme!

Gina said...

I've never heard that adsense revenue gets cut across the board on low quality sites.That's a first, and I haven't found anything in Google's TOS talking about that. If that were the case, Google would eliminate certain sites that have no traffic at all.

However, it has been known that blogs that produce more quality clicks have been rewarded with higher adsense earnings. Google thinks that the blog owner must have been doing something right to get people to click on more ads in a legitimate fashion.

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